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The Therapist

Lisa Erwin LMT

With over 16 years training and experience and countless testimonials I know you will love your massage.

I didn't start out doing massage, in fact I went to College to work with Electron Microscopes and minored in Art. But after working for a while in that industry I felt there was something missing in my life. I thougth perhaps it was my Art and so I quite my job and persued my art, but still there was something missing.

I had always loved helping others, still do, and after looking into medical collage a good friend asked me to look into massage. At first I thought it would be a great way to create in income stream while going through my medical training. Much to my surpise and delight I found I found I had a gift and love for this profession.

Since 2000 I've been helping others though massage therapy feel better and have never looked back and I'm Grateful for finding my nitch and a rewarding career. I've worked at Spas, Managed Spas, Started spas, and now I just work independantly with a Great Group of folks here in Denision Texas.

I specialize in what is called Intuitive Massage. I'm naturally gifted at finding problem areas and resolving them.
To me the body is like puppet strings, the muscles are the strings. When one bunch of strings is tangled up you have to work though the whole body to make sure all the strings are cleared. Silly yes but it's a great way of understanding what I do.

I believe you don't have to beat people up to help them. Deep Tissue never should include bruising and pain for days after. Often I incorporate Stretching, Hot Stones and Triogger Point therapy in my sessions.

If your a sports person I've got you covered, I offer Deep Tissue to Sports Massage, Sports injury recovery and stertching sessions.

Most of the time though I take what ever tools I have in my training and experience and use those things to help give you one of the very best massages you'll ever recieve. I never offer cookie cutter massages, becaouse you deserve the very best you can get out of your Massage Session.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Lisa Erwin